About Us

Tiger Yang and Tracy Duan are the current owners and operators of Basco Automotive Services here in Edmonton, Alberta. Tiger and Tracy opened up their shop back in September of 2016 and have been providing the community with excellent customer service ever since.

Before immigrating to Edmonton, Tiger studied at Shandong University of Technology majored in Automobile Design. He also completed a 4 year apprenticeship at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and received an Automotive Service Technician Certificate and Journeyman Red Seal Certificate. Tiger previously worked for the Mercedes-Benz Dealership as well as the Honda dealership. He then went on to work for OK Tire, an independent repair shop in the area, for 10 years. Tiger is a handyman and enjoys working with his hands. He believes that fixing vehicles is both challenging and fun, which is why he chose the automotive industry as his career path.

Guenther Kern is one of the best automotive technician for European vehicles’ repair. He was born in Germany and finished his master degree major in Automotive Design there. He worked for Volkswagen, BMW Dealership respectively for 22 years before he moved to Edmonton. He spent his another 25 years working for European vehicle Dealerships like Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Independent European vehicle repair shops such as Eurasia Automotive etc. in Edmonton.

The main goal here at Basco Automotive Services is to always be honest with our customers and treat our customers like our friends. We show our customers their damaged or worn parts so that they can see what needs to be repaired or replaced for themselves. We offer worry free repair and are proud to be a top choice in the community for automotive service. For everything your vehicle needs, stop by Basco Automotive Services today!

History of Our Shop

In the 1960s, after working for a Volkswagen dealer parts department, Alfred Basier, set out to start his own Volkswagen parts store in a 330 sq. Ft building on Whyte Avenue. As business was booming, he soon had to expand to a larger location and with a partner, Aneshanco. Combining their last names of Basier ad Aneshanco, they came up with the name Basco. Their shop was busy servicing Volkswagens, rebuilding engines, and in 1967 they started building Meyer Manx Dune Buggies.

Unfortunately, in the early 1970s Basiers and Aneshancos partnership ended. Alfred decided to keep the name Basco, and continued to sell parts and accessories, build engine, buggies, ice racers and Formula-Vee open wheel race cars.

Alfred started to sell other car make parts but continued to keep his focus on Volkswagen. After hiring his two sons, Alfred moved the shop in 1985 to its present location.

Alfred retired from Basco in the early 1990s and sold Basco to his son, Allen. Allen continued selling parts, accessories, and servicing Volkswagens. Allen retired in 2010 and one of his longtime friends Vince chichak took over.

Vince Chichak retired in 2016 and sold the business to Tiger Yang. Today, Basco Auto still specializes in Volkswagens, also in other European and Japanese vehicles.

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