5 Signs Of A Worn Suspension System

All vehicles have either shocks or struts (or both), which comprises your suspension system. Most people know that shocks and struts are intended to give you a smoother ride. However, they do not see that it plays a significant role in the handling of your vehicle. Shocks and struts help maintain the stability of your car when driving, especially over rough or bumpy surfaces. With such a vital job, how do you know when they become ineffective or stop working? Here are the top 5 signs that may indicate you need a shock/strut replacement!

  1. You feel excessive bouncing, rolling, and rocking when driving over bumps or railroad tracks. You may have to grasp onto your steering afterward.

  2. Uneven tire wear is another warning symptom of worn suspension. Aging shocks and struts will prevent your tires from making proper contact with the road.

  3. Since your suspension system is related to your steering system, it can cause your

    steering wheel to vibrate or shake when driving.

  4. If your vehicle is pulling left or right when you're attempting to drive straight, then you

    should have your suspension inspected.

  5. Lastly, if you notice unusual leaks near the suspension parts, you need to repair them

    immediately. A leaky shock absorber means there's not enough hydraulic fluid, so your

    suspension won't provide enough friction for your vehicle.

Lastly, you may try to determine if you need new suspension parts by conducting the bounce test. The bounce test is a brief test you can do at home to determine if your shocks are worn or failing. You simply have to push down on the corners of your car with your body weight. If it

takes the vehicle more than a couple of bounces to reach its initial resting position, then it is a telltale sign that your suspension system needs repair.

Suspension Repairs in Edmonton, AB

Because shock absorbers are made to smoothen your ride, many people think that shock absorbers are not a necessity. They will often feel that it is safe and settle with bumpy drives. In actuality, driving with a faulty suspension system can be very dangerous. Any bump, curb, or bend on the road can throw your vehicle completely off balance, sending you flying out of control. Even worse, you can end up in an accident.

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